Here you find a brief summary of recent- and ongoing projects, adventures and happenings... :-)

Relaxing Ocean Videos 

for relaxing, 
a meditative break, to use while practicing yoga 
or to simply enjoy before bed.
Now on  YouTube!

Let us first bring you to the stunning world of dolphins and whales with 20 minutes of footage from Norway, Azores, Red Sea, Mediterranean and the vast, blue Atlantic, where we meet cetaceans such as sperm whales, humpbacks, orcas, pilot whales and other oceanic dolphins.

In the second video we bring you to the fascinating world of corals, from warm, tropical waters to the much darker and colder, yet amazingly beautiful, depths of Scandinavia. Another 20 minutes to appreciate the truly amazing world there is hidden beneath the surface!

How intelligent are dolphins... really?

In our latest TV-production, we bring you on a voyage across the North Sea, to the vast North Atlantic, followed by the Mediterranean Sea, in search for dolphins and in great hope for some close and curious underwater encounters...

A co-operation between Crystal Water Film Production and SVT.
Music composed by James Jones.
59 min ©2020

Winter Whales of Norway

In our film "Winter Whales of Norway" we bring you along on a 1300nm sailing trip, from the Swedish west coast island Orust to the cold and dark Arctic winter in Northern Norway. A voyage filled with memories and new, amazing experiences!

Below is a short teaser, with footage and music from the film. Music composed by Soundology.

The entire film has a duration of 59 minutes and is a cooperation with Swedish National Television (SVT).  ©2018

TV-premiere: Sunday 30th of December 2018
7pm (UTC+1) on SVT2 (Swedish National Television)


Life against all odds

Our film "Life against all odds" had its TV-premiere on Swedish National Television (SVT) in May 2016.
Also available for the international market :-)

This production is 59 min, and a collaboration between Crystal Water Film Production and Swedish National Television (SVT). Music by Nainita Desai and Malcolm Laws.

Below is the official trailer for the film:

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