From Mangove To Lagoon & Barrier Reef

New Caledonia, South Pacific, Dec-Jan 2021-2022

Southern hemisphere’s summer means cyclone season here in New Caledonia. “Ruby”, our first cyclone of the season, gives us a brief visit during the second week of December. When cyclones are knocking on the door, the mangrove is our hiding place, here we feel both cozy and safe while the depression passes by with plenty wind and rain.

When the storm has passed, the blue lagoon calls us back. Powered by the trade winds, we explore new islands where we haven’t been before. The recent heavy rain causes poor visibility underwater, but conditions above the surface are favourable for wind powered activities. 

New Caledonia is normally a quite windy place with more or less constant trade winds from the south-east. This makes it feel extra special when we get treated with some windless days for Christmas. 

Pure magic it certainly is when conditions allow us spending both days and nights at the barrier reef. A piece of paradise at its best! 

Out here, at the reef, the water is clear and blue, and oh so inviting!

Such a beautiful and magic way to end the year! 💙💦

As more turbulent weather is in the forecast we head back to nearby islands in the lagoon to seek shelter for a more windy start of 2022.  

From here I´m wishing you all a wonderful new year! Be happy, spread smiles and keep feeding the curious and playful spirit of yours!

Back On The Big Blue Lagoon

New Caledonia, South Pacific, December 2021

After two months of strict lockdown and an additional month on drydock at the boatyard, it certainly feels good to finally be free to set sail and head back to the big, blue lagoon, where trade winds are frequent and quiet mornings are precious. 

So lovely to be back among marine life again!  💦💙💦

Drydock & Maintainance

Numbo, New Caledonia, South Pacific, End of November 2021

The beauty in grey is up on the dry for annual maintenance. Almost a year has past since we first put our new home in the water.

As it is our first year with this aluminum lady, we like to be cautious and make a good inspection of the haul in case of any electrolysis, which we prefer to find, as well as the source, in an early stage.

The haul, keel pit and center board thereafter get another layer of zink, we clean the diesel tank and make service on the engine. 

One month on the dry and we are ready to get back in the water, good timing as the lockdown, which started after New Caledonia’s covid outbreak in the beginning of September, finally is starting to find an end and nautical navigation just got allowed a week ago. 

Almost 3 months since we last could spend time on the lagoon, which now makes us more than eager to finally get salt in the beard again! ;-)

Relaxing Ocean Videos

To me the most relaxing place to be is out in nature, hike mountains, explore forests, observe wildlife, and to be on- and beneath the ocean.

I believe that nature is of great importance to all of us, but also that it is common that circumstances not always allow people to spend the time wished for and needed in the wild.

Film and pictures of nature and wildlife don’t replace being out there, but can offer a small “nature-reminder” and a break from the daily schedule when many might not have the access to be outdoors.

The following two ocean videos are made for you to relax, good for a meditative break, to use while practicing yoga or to enjoy before bed.

Let us first bring you to the stunning world of dolphins and whales with 20 minutes of footage from Norway, Azores, Red Sea, Mediterranean and the vast, blue Atlantic, where we meet cetaceans such as sperm whales, humpbacks, orcas, pilot whales and other oceanic dolphins.

In the second video we bring you to the fascinating world of corals, from warm, tropical waters to the much darker and colder, yet amazingly beautiful, depths of Scandinavia. Another 20 minutes to appreciate the truly amazing world there is hidden beneath the surface!

Mast & Sails Back In Place

Baie de Prony, New Caledonia, South Pacific, September 2021

After many weeks spent in the boat yard for maintenance work of mainly mast and rigging, we finally have mast and sails back in place.

The timing is good as the weather shows up with a couple of days of perfect conditions for a test sail. So good to finally have both sails up!

We have freshly been stocking the boat up with food and water when the blue lagoon welcomes us back to its magical world. 

This is just in time before another lockdown is about to happen...

The news has it that the virus has entered New Caledonia´s covid-free bubble. With one night's notice, the entire territory is put under strict lockdown. As this means no islet visits nor lagoon navigation are allowed, we instead head to the sheltered area of Baie de Prony, at the southern tip of New Caledonia. 

Surrounded by the luscious vegetation and chanting birds, we are thankful that the timing allowed us to get back to nature, where we now can spend a more relaxed time during the many weeks of isolation.