Inishturk, Ireland


Inishturk (Co.Mayo), Ireland, 21/6-2011

N 53°42.257´
W 010°05.297´

Distance made: 919 nautical miles

From the Caledonian Canal we had a really nice trip out at sea with good opportunities getting good footage of the wonderful surroundings...

Our engine have not been working properly the last days... But there are no problems without solutions and the Captain manage to fix it once again! With a happy smile on our faces we could now continue our voyage towards Ireland.

The wind is increasing and the boat is getting even faster. Sailing is a really nice way to feel the great power of mother nature!

Soon we are getting a speed of 10 knots and the wind is increasing up to 22 m/s.

And of course, while being out at sea there is always the risk to getting seasick... The sea does not have to be very rough to feel this awful feeling. I am easily getting seasick, but with a great motivation and a never ending eager for new adventures I will not let this stop my dreams.

Early morning the 19th of June we arrive to Inishturk, a small island off the irish west coast. Here we are able to get some sleep, do some work on the boat and of course meet our lovley irish friends. The west coast of Ireland is really lovely and the people here are truly friendly and helpful.

Tomorrow morning, the 22nd of June, we will continue our voyage southwest. We are heading for the Azores and the 1200 nautical miles will take about 10-14 days.


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