Illes Medes


Estartit, Spain 3/9-2011


Sailing distance made: 4242 nautical miles

The last days we have spent our time diving in the nice waters of the Medes Islands.

The Medes Islands are a group of seven islets and a small number of reefs located in Catalonia, at the east coast of Spain. This small archipelago offers a wonderful marine enviroment and has since 1983 strictly been protected as a marine reserve.

During our dives we have experience some of the spectacular caves of these islands.The caves here offer exiting dives but also a great beauty in different colours.

In this protected area there are a huge number of fish, from small ones to real giants... It is easily to see and understand how important this marine protection have been and still are for the under water life here.

At the Medes Islands it is totally forbidden to fish and for diving here you need a special permission. This area is the largest protected marine area in Catalonia and one of the most important in the Mediterranean.

In many places the cliffs are filled with the beautiful sea-fans which you find in both white, blue, yellow and red colours.

Close by a big Dusky grouper is watching me. This giant would never been still alive if not this area was so strictly protected. Almost 30 years of no fishing shows an amazing result.

I am happy to have the possibility to dive here and would likely come back to these amazing under water scenery again.

Now we will continue our voyage further east to France and Italy... With other words it is time to once again set the sails, feel the fresh Ocean breeze and discover what is waiting for us next ...


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