2,5 min, "Impressions from the Sea"


Rhodos, Greece, 20/4-2012

One month here in Rhodos and I almost feel like a local... ;)

From sunshine to heavy rain and 70 knots wind. I will never stop being amazed of the great power of our mother nature and how rapidly the weather can change... :)

It is a cozy atmosphere here in the harbour of Rhodos. I have the Medial Old Town as next neighbour, and I enjoy spending some time exploring the great history around me.

However, what attract me the most is still the ocean. The clear blue Mediterranean sea gives me great inspiration, and the never ending horizon feeds my hunger for new adventures...

There is something out there waiting for me... ;)

Almost 11 months have past since we left the west coast of Sweden. This means we have MANY hours of footage to review!

To check the footage from our sailing and the divings, does not make me less inspired of getting out at sea soon again... ;)

During my time looking through the material, I could not resist to edit some short sequences from our sailing- and diving adventure...

"Impressions from the Sea"

2,5 min, with some sailing shots and mixed underwater footage from the Azores, the Mediterranean and the Red sea... :)

Link to YouTube you also find HERE.


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