Peaceful Nisyros


Vathi, Kalymnos, Greece, 16/5-2012


Sailing distance made: 8089 nautical miles

The small volcanic island Nisyros is located in the Aegean sea.

With silent atmosphere and great surroundings this is a lovely  place to explore...

While many other islands are being over run by tourists, traffic and commerce, Nisyros remains as a unspoiled quiet paradise...

On the beaches, both cows and bulls are laying, spending their time enjoying the sun and salty sea breeze.

Further up in the mountains, the goats are climbing the trees and are curiously watching every step I take.

The happy pigs are energic, running around with an impressive speed and you can easily see that they are enjoying their free life.

From being quite shy and wild, the pigs start to become more and more curious. Well, I think they are mostly curious about Laritza... :)

Up in the mountains we visit the volcano and make some filming of the crater. Also here, the surroundings are quiet and peaceful...

After a great stay in Nisyros, it is time to leave the small harbour of Paloi and continue our trip...

We sail between Greek islands and a bit along the Turkish coast. Dolphins are jumping in distance, but do not come close, this time...

A great day out at sea and we finally arrive Kalymnos island, our current destination... :)


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