Year 2012 -a flashback... :)


Kärruddenabben, Orust, Sweden 29/12-2012

Not many days left of December and it is soon getting time to welcome the new year. But before then I want to share some flashbacks from 2012... :)

Already in the beginning of 2012, many of my big dreams became reality. Fabulous encounters with many different marine species of the Red sea were a fact! :)

Exiting months along the coast of Egypt and it is time for us to continue our voyage north, through Gulf of Suez and the Suez Canal.

Finally we are back in Europe and the blue waters of the Mediterranean again.

From a water temperature of 28°C I get a bit of a radical change when I join the film team Loke Film to the cold waters of the Canadian Arctic.

Here, between the ice blocks, our aim is to film the mysterious bowhead whales, a baleen whale believed to get an age of up to amazing 200 years...

After a great time among ice and bowhead whales it is time to take the flights back to the heat again.

Back in Crete and a air temperature of up to 40°C... I can tell that I am very happy that our work is out at sea and beneath the cooling waves!

Greece and Crete are good spots for cave and cavern dives and so we spend many many dives and hours exploring those exiting environments...

Many wonderful experiences but 2012 did also have hard times. After 10 years of great team work, it feels very empty to no longer have my lovely border collie by my side.

However, I know she had a happy life and we had a wonderful time together. Laritza was a very cooperative dog who for sure will stay in numerous hearts forever...

Long time in the water and we better get the sailing boat up on dry land for both maintance and service. With other words time to head north to Peloponnesos...

With the boat safe on land we are all able to take the air-way back to Scandinavia again. Long time no see!!

Already winter and though it is cold both Sweden and Norway show up with the most beautiful winter sceneries.

With those flashbacks from 2012 and with the exiting feeling of a new adventurous year waiting ahead I wish you all a wonderful 2013!! :)

 To all of you:

Happy New Year!!!

Ps. More information and photos from year 2011 and 2012 you find HERE: 2011/2012. Ds.


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