Corse, France 1/7-2013


During our sailing to the Red sea 2011, we made a short stop in Corse, and already since then I have been longing back to this beautiful place.

With its high mountains and wonderful nature, surrounded by deep blue sea, Corse is an excellent place for both diving and hiking. With other words a great place for me...

When arriving Corse, the sunbathing cows are welcoming us with their relaxed look... Neither swimmers nor a curious photographer seem to disturb their rest at the beach.

How happy I am to be back again! :)

The awesome sight of the high mountains make me feel really restless....

I need and want to climb up there now!! And so I do...

The higher I come the more energy I have left... How much I love this feeling! The sea creature has become a mountain goat again... and she likes it! ;)

Deep seas and high mountains truly is the perfect combination for me.

Back at sea level again and in huge need of salt water... ;)

With diving gear and film equipment ready in the Zodiac we are soon on our way to explore the underwater world.

Hmm, what will this dive offer us? Always so exiting, you never know what is waiting for you down below...

So much beauty in both different shapes and colours...

The wall covered of gorgonia looks like a colourful small forest and is home for many species.

Eveywhere something to capture with the camera... :)

After a grreat stay in Corse the trip continues north towards the French coast...

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