Kitesurfing - having fun above surface!


Pouembout, New Caledonia, South Pacific 18/1-2014


Finally, time for some kitesurf-pics! :-)

As there have been lots of wind, we have had great kitesurf conditions for many days lately. Here are some photos from nice kitesurf sessions at Pindai, in north-west New Caledonia.

Indeed, it looks fun when the kitesurfers playfully are enjoying the pure power of nature!

Well, it does not only look fun, it truly is fun! Oki, better to get into the water and on the board myself as well... :-)

Kitesurfing is a new sport for me...

... and well, hehe... as an underwater loving person you just need to make a visit beneath surface at times... ;-)

The more time spent on the board, the better it goes, and for each session, this speedy sport gets even more enjoyable and addicting!

Many thanks to Christian for great teaching and patience while watching me abusing his kites and board...

For each time spent with the gear I am improving, but most important:

I really have lots of fun and am fully enjoying the sessions spent in both wind and waves...

... and that is what kitesurfing is all about! :-)

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