Green New Calendonia


Pouembout, New Caledonia, South Pacific 3/2-2014


Naturally, I do post lots of blue Ocean pics on my blog, but now I would like to share some photos from the green side of New Caledonia.

Let us start on the beautiful northeast coast... Do you see the hen that is brooding in the water?

"Baie des torues" or  Turtle bay is another marvellous place.

This site is located on the west coast and from here it is not far to Poé beach, which I wrote about in my previous post; "Life beneath the kite surfers´paradise".

"Baie des torues" has a peculiar appearance with its very long and narrow trees...

From coastal locations, we head further into the island...

Here, among the mountains and humid forests, nature´s own jewelry shines with a colorful touch :-)

We are now in the middle of the island and the surrounding is green, wild, mysterious and exciting...

... time to let the pictures speak for themselves... :-)

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