Summer time in Trøndelag ;-)


Hindrem, North-Trøndelag, Norway 2/4-2014


After one week of diving and filming in Sogndal, it is getting time for us to continue our trip further north.

We pack the car and are soon back on the road again... this time towards well-known regions... with other words we are heading back to Trøndelag!

When arriving our destination, we really get the most beautiful welcome. Trondheimsfjord lies totally calm and the sun strongly smiles to us when taking the ferry over the fjord to Fosen Peninsula.

Spring time it is and I feel very happy to be back again! :-)

We are in the last weekend in March and it is time to change the watch to summer time.

Me and my ideas... ;-) ... This time I get the lovely idea of welcoming the summer and so I start to make myself ready for a dive...

... that´s right, in bikini...

Indeed, it is cold to get into the 6°C cold water, but also very refreshing!!

My "fun-dive" doesn´t last too long though... ;)

... as known, I am who I am... and of course I can´t help myself not jumping into the water again... ;-) ... this time without dive gear...

-Welcome summer, I eagerly look forward to what you have to offer!

So, why are we now back in Trondheimsfjorden?

We are here to film deep-water corals. In fact, the shallowest cold-water coral reef known in the world is found here, in Trondheimsfjorden!

More about this and pics from our deep and cold dives on the blog soon...

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