Diving at the Swedish West Coast


North-west coast of Sweden, 3/9-13/9-2014

Since our internet possibilities often are quite poor when being out in field there haven´t been too much activity on my blog lately...

Finally some fresh pics from our current time at the wonderful Swedish west coast! :-)

First of all, I want to thank you for all great feedback we´ve got after the broadcasting of our film!

So much respons makes me really really happy!! :-)) Many thanks to all of you :-)

Being out in the Swedish archipelago during the month of September is really pleasant. So far, we have had the most perfect weather imaginable and the water temperature keeps around 16-17°C.

It feels like the entire landscape is taking a worthy rest after an intense summer, and we have the beautiful islands all for our own most of the time. There are still some boats left at the coast, but they are getting less for each week passing by.

The west coast truly becomes a very silent and soothing place... Autumn truly is wonderful!

We are visiting various places at the north-west coast. With our sailboat as base we can stay out in field for many weeks and choose the places we want to explore underwater.

In co-operation with the Swedish National Television, we are now working on a film project about Marine Protected Areas.

We´ve been documenting the different efforts made for protecting the underwater life in both the Mediterranean and the Azores, and now we continue our work in Swedish waters...

Which efforts are actually made to protect the underwater life in our Scandinavian waters?

Lately, we have been diving at a place which has been protected for over 20 years. Even before getting in the water, the coast guards come to check us. This makes me very happy as protected places really needs someone who is guarding area...

So, what did we see underwater then?? 

Well, as the visibility truly was that bad that I even had difficulties to see my buddy swimming only a meter away, I didn´t think we would find too much... 

But ohh so wrong I had!! :-)

Never ever in my life have I seen so many lobsters in one dive!!

Lobsters in different sizes and with all kind of characters... From the shy ones to the more defensive personalities... 

Most of them seem to be very curious though and keep coming closer and closer to check the strange "domeport-eye" in front of them... :-)

Protection of underwater areas truly gives results! 

This place is just one example of the great impact protection of an area has to its inhabitants. We have been diving in many places, both protected ones and non-protected ones...  and yes, there is a huge difference!  

Currently, less than 1 percent of the world's oceans are closed to fishing... If we want to keep the Ocean alive we definitely need to protect much more of it.

I get so fascinated about my new curious friends! They truly are great personalities and I wish I could spend much more time at the depth together with them. But as I´m a human I need to keep an eye on my dive computer and my air consumption...

Close to one hour dive and it´s getting time to head back to surface and our floating "dive center" again.

If not equipped with drysuit and scuba gear, I happily spend plenty time with my wetsuit and freediving fins... When living on the water it´s really difficult not to spend the time in it!

With or without tank I truly love to spend my time in the water! Indeed, it really feels difficult to get out from the aquatic world even when getting a bit cold... Brrr, but so enjoyable! ;-)

More dives are awaiting us ahead. Dives with the aim of document and to spread the interest of the so spectacular but vulnerable world hiding beneath the surface...

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