Back In Arctic Wonderland


Kaldfjord, Troms, Northern Norway 27/1-2017

After our Christmas- and New Year break, "Eja" welcomes us back to Northern Norway and Tromsø. We are in the second week of January, and the sun has just started to briefly rise over the horizon...

After some necessarily work on the boat, and some snow- and ice shoveling, we are all ready and eager to head out on the fjord to continue our film project and to find the whales again.

We leave Tromsø early in the morning to take advantage of the short day light there is. Further out in the fjord, we get a nice "welcome back" when seing a pod of orcas enjoying their time in the waves! After day-set, we reach Vengsøy, the island we earlier were based on.

Surrounded by the breathtaking white covered mountains and the Arctic fjords filled with thrilling life of all sizes. I´m back in Wonderland with other words, a place I so adore both above and beneath sea level!

The Orcas are still plenty in the fjords, and we have had nice encounters every day spent on the water. As they follow the herring however, they will most likely soon start to head further south.

With our well equipped sailboat, we are flexible and our route for the next weeks ahead will all depend on mother nature and the whales :-)

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