Playing Bambi On Ice In Canada ;-)


Montreal, Canada Feb/March 2018

Not many recent updates on my blog nor social media means that I am escaping the world of media and timetables, to find myself surrounded by the soothing and essential silence of nature.

After the previous weeks surrounded by the mountainous fjords of Northern Norway, my southbound travel have been taking me to more winter and frozen H2O.

The snow filled forests and white covered lakes in the province of Quebec in Eastern Canada again make a nice playground for us!

This time, I also get to try the kite on the frozen lake, although the very low- and unstable wind, in combination of a hard and crispy snow surface, make me feel more like "Bambi on ice" than anything else ;-)

Being a Bambi or not, I´m always grateful for each moment spent where beauty is found everywhere...

... out in Nature that is!

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