Time For Drysuits Dance Again!


Troms, Northern Norway, November 2018

Back to colder latitudes guiding for Waterproof Expeditions

Leaving the wetsuits behind, my most important piece of clothing for the entire month of November is now my drysuit.

Surrounded by snow covered mountain peaks, I'm very much looking forward to share new Arctic adventures with like-minded people here in the aw-inspiring fjords of Northern Norway!

It might sound cold to be snorkelling in these winter fjords, but when properly dressed it actually is comfortable to be roaming the underwater world even north of the Arctic circle.

Do you remember my cold water dress code shared in an previous post on the blog? In case you too are heading for some cold water adventures, here is the link: Dressing For Cold Water

And don't forget to keep moving, the drysuit dance keeps you both warm and smiling! 💃🏻

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