Cape Verde -surrounded by blue


Sal, Cape Verde, Dec/Jan 2018/19

Except for a couple of ventures on other water bodies, 2018 has mainly been focused on the Atlantic Ocean and some of its many alluring islands. The year past amazingly quickly and to nicely wrap it all up, we completed it by investigate a, for us, new Atlantic destination.

Surrounded by blue water and sky I so welcome the new year with plenty salt and an increasing amount of sand in my messy hair 😆

Before it´s time to make the jump north again, I´d like to share some few pics from our recent stay here on the island of Sal in Cape Verde.

Cape Verde is an archipelago of 10 volcanic islands situated approx 500 km west off the coast of Senegal in Africa.

Excited about the opportunities, possibilities, adventures and surprises that might await in 2019, I´m so wishing you all a wonderful and lovely new year! ✨💕✨

... and remember -Every day is special, make it count! 🧜‍♀️

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