Surfing with BlackSand in the Azores


Sao Miguel, Azores, Atlantic Ocean, April 2019

Water is the important source of all life, but also the core of both well-being and happiness. For me, the Ocean provides with so much in countless ways. Close to the Ocean I simply feel at home. 💙

My biggest passion is the impressive life hidden beneath the surface, but any water activity that is powered by nature fascinates me. So here on Sao Miguel Island in the Azores, all surrounded by the deep blue Atlantic, I am in the perfect setup for trying some more surf... 🤩

Life is a wave... so let´s surf it!! 🏄🏻‍♀️ 💦

The pics in this post are from my recent time spent with the awesome team of Black Sand BoxAzores Surfcamp - Blacksand who not only provides fun surf, but great teaching techniques and a good vibe.

If you never try, you will never know... so let's try to catch some waves!

As I love the underwater world so much and always am very curious about what there is hidden beneath the waves, I swear there is a reason for each of my nose dives and numerous falls from the board 🙃 💦 😜

When having so much fun playing among the waves, I again wish I could stop time! The more waves I try to catch (wether failing or nailing them) the more attempts I wish for. This while living in great hope these amazing surf lessons would never find an end... 🌊 😇

Thanks so much to the awesome instructors Erik and João for great sessions on the water. Vielen Dank also to Michael Wiedemann for patiently taking so many great pictures of us having fun on the water!

For anyone who is keen of visiting this wonderful green Azorean island and enjoy the surrounding clear, blue Atlantic waves, I highly recommend to go surfing with these guys. 😊 🤙

More about Azores and the surf camp here:

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