Madeira - Mediterranean


Madeira to Mediterranean, mid June 2019

Sails are set and off we go again! With an east-northeast bearing we so leave Porto Santo and Madeira behind, for this time...

Our 600 nautical miles crossing shows up being a very good one, both for the exceptional weather we are having and for the nice wildlife company we get along the way.

In 4-5000 meters deep waters, we meet a couple of sperm whales resting at the surface between their deep dives for giant squid.

Several big groups of Atlantic spotted dolphins and Common dolphins happily join our voyaging for a while.

So fun it is to see them enjoying the speed of our boat!

Our night shifts are lightened up by the smiling full moon. Such wonderful company she is!

When getting closer to Gibraltar, a group of pilot whales suddenly appear next to our boat to soon thereafter disappear again. Later the same evening we also briefly encounter false killer whales. This is after sunset when the dusk light just is enough for us to tell the species.

After 5 days of sailing we so enter the Mediterranean. In hope for more aquatic encounters, we now look forward to spend more time on the Alboran Sea. Who knows what meetings that await us here...

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