Curious, Sleepy Sperm Whale

When you’re surrounded by an endless horizon and a deep abyss, with your sailboat and a curious sperm whale as your only company! 

The following encounter, with a super relaxed spermwhale, was one of the many highlights of our previous film expedition. I didn’t move a fin while the whale slowly, but surely, approached to have a closer look. 

Since our very first intimate meetings with sperm whales back in 2004, I find there is something extraordinary with these legendary creatures. They are among the whales I have got the most distinctive connection with for sure, they fill me with such deep respect, awe and wonder. 

More from our most recent Atlantic encounters is featured in our new documentary, which currently is available on SVT-play within Sweden until the 25th of February 2021. 

Read more about this particular encounter here: The Gentle Giant

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