Italy - Greece


Vathi, Ithaca, Greece 6/10-2011


Sailing distance made: 5405 nautical miles

Our sailing trip from the southern part of Italy to Greece has been nice, with lots of good wind in our sails. During the first night we got quite heavy thunderstorms and strong winds, but thereafter both the sun and the sea have been smiling towards us most of the time.

Far out at sea we suddenly got an unexpected guest. Our new friend and temporary crew member was a small bird, which seemed really greatful to get some rest on our boat. It also found some flies onboard and satisfied it was soon falling asleep on Armin´s shoulder... So sweet!!! :)

Two nights later we start to see the first islands of Greece...

... and we arrive the small village Vathi on the beautiful island of Ithaca.

With the boat in the safe harbour it is really hard to resist go out snorceling and make some research in the clear blue water... :)

Now we will do lots of diving and uw-filming and I will soon publish some photos from our latest dives... :)


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