Ithaca - Aigina


Aigina, Greece 14/10-2011


Sailing distance made: 5572 nautical miles

Our first days in Greece we spent at the lovely island of Ithaca. The surroundings here are really beautiful with high green mountains and deep blue water...

When it is time for us to continue our trip further east, the weather is dramatical changing...

It is getting cold and soon there is even snow on the mountains!

After some cold days out at sea, the sun starts to smile again, and we have now arrived the Corint Canal. The Corint Canal is a short, but very special canal with high walls...

About one hour later we are already on the other side of the canal and the first thing we see here is a crowd of guys waiting for a new date..., well I mean a crowd of male dogs which are hopefully looking towards our female dog on the boat... ;)

Thereafter we have just some few hours before we enter our current destination Aigina, an island south of Athens.

Here we will stay for some days until it is time to set sail again... :)


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