Brown Boobies! :)


New Caledonia, South Pacific, April 2015

My pockets are all completely filled with sand, and so is my rashguard. The white, dry sea salt is sticking to my body while the strong sun bleaches my outfit even further.

Eventhough the heat feels overwhelming, I try to keep totally "frozen".
Next to gentle movie stars I do not want to risk making any unnecessary movements as this probably would disturb the natural behaviour of my gorgeous models...

We are back to the small, sandy, deserted islands and the life-rich water of the Coral Sea. No boats, nor people as far the eye sight can reach, yet we are far from being alone.

Only a few steps from the salty waves our top-notch models and movie stars are found...

... the Brown Boobies! :-)

I usually prefer not to favor things or beings. But I must admit that it is very easy to become a big fan of these charming sea birds!

Simple, close-to-nature living in the lagoon off the New Caledonian north-west coast, and the out of reach of modern communication, is the reasons of the big gaps between possible internet visits and my current silence.

Only shorter breaks for battery charging and quick e-mail checks before heading out at sea are planned the next weeks ahead. Sorry for the inconvenience my late e-mail answers might cause.

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