"The Forgotten Coast"


New Caledonia, South Pacific, April/May 2015

In New Caledonia we spend most of our time at the north-west coast. Here we have the lagoon and remote islands almost all to ourselves..

The underwater fauna is rich, from tiny fishes to much bigger friends. Some are curious others are not...

The beauty of the many various corals truly is out of this world. My great amazement for the grand diversity of life found on wonderful Planet Earth never stops! :-)

Although life in the lagoon is a paradise in itself, New Caledonia has much more to offer and this is something we also want to explore more...

So... lets run wild... lets escape towards "The Forgotten Coast"!

From west, the small mountain road finally brings us to the east coast of the island. We are now at the mid-east part of New Caledonia, heading further south...

The dirt road is getting even smaller and in much worse condition. Luckily it hasn´t been raining too much the last days, making it possible for us to drive the road.

However, our faithful 4x4 pickup truck do get some intense washing sessions during the many river crossings we need to do to reach our goal.

Finally it slowly starts to appear in front of us, the view over " The Forgotten Coast" :-)

"The Forgotten Coast" is situated in the south-eastern part of New Caledonia. Here are no roads to be found, nor popluated areas.

When reaching the final end of the dirt road, it is time to continue by foot to feed the hunger of exploring this vast place even further.

Once again we find our selves alone and totally surrounded by nothing else but immense beauty and the soothing "silence" of Mother Nature.

Mountains, rivers and coconut filled beaches, so different from the salty lagoon life we had the week before.

The great admiration I strongly feel keeps growing. Did I ever mention that I am deeply in love with this beautiful planet we are living on? :-)

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