Safe In Heaven


My wonderful and super talented sister Nanna Mück has released yet another beautiful song! “Safe In Heaven” is a song she wrote to our mother who passed away 20 years ago. Find it on Spotify "HERE"

Below is the song with lyrics via YouTube.

Curious, Sleepy Sperm Whale

When you’re surrounded by an endless horizon and a deep abyss, with your sailboat and a curious sperm whale as your only company! 

The following encounter, with a super relaxed spermwhale, was one of the many highlights of our previous film expedition. I didn’t move a fin while the whale slowly, but surely, approached to have a closer look. 

Since our very first intimate meetings with sperm whales back in 2004, I find there is something extraordinary with these legendary creatures. They are among the whales I have got the most distinctive connection with for sure, they fill me with such deep respect, awe and wonder. 

More from our most recent Atlantic encounters is featured in our new documentary, which currently is available on SVT-play within Sweden until the 25th of February 2021. 

Read more about this particular encounter here: The Gentle Giant

Tropical Cyclone "Lucas"

Port Laguerre, New Caledonia, South Pacific, February 2021

The month of February starts up with a brief visit of tropical cyclone "Lucas". Well in advance, we find  ourselves a sheltered spot in the mangrove to stay protected in the forecasted stronger winds.

Fortunately "Lucas" calms down before reaching New Caledonia, but still causes major floods and damages in the territory. 

While this first cyclone of the season passes by, we feel both safe and cozy where we are in the sheltered mangrove.

From Lagoon To Mangrove

South Lagoon, New Caledonia, South Pacific, January 2021

From reefs and islands in the lagoon to sheltered bays and mangroves. Within an area of only some few nautical miles, we have, during the past few weeks, explored a great variety of beauty and habitats. 

How much I adore to pay attention to the many, fascinating “mini-worlds” there are to be found in local places.

From beauty in grey to calming blue...

The pictures in this blogpost are from our recent time scouting our current close-by neighbourhood in the southern part of New Caledonia.

Here, in the bays and the fauna rich lagoon, our nearby residents consists of a great variety of fish, rays, reef sharks and sea turtles. 

For each place we go, we get new, exciting next-door neighbours that seem to appreciate the shelter of the boat as much as we do!

Sweet Salty Lagoon

South Lagoon, New Caledonia, South Pacific, December 2020

How sweet to finally be floating after months of work in the dusty boatyard. I'm pretty sure the boat is happy too as it has been years since last time she felt the ocean touch on the haul ;-)


It feels extra exciting now when we are able to test the boat in the water as this is our first time among the waves with her.

And yes, best place to test and get familiar with the boat and her various capabilities is out on the blue lagoon! 

Our first spot to explore by boat, in the southern lagoon of New Caledonia, is a marine reserve where the small island and its surrounding reef has been protected since 1989.

Always so good to see the positive effects marine protected areas have on the environment and its numerous inhabitants. 

When jumping into the salty, blue surrounding we are soon joined by several fearless green sea turtles, white tipped reef sharks and plenty species of fish in various sizes, shapes and colours. 

Feels both good and needed with some rest and pleasure time now, before continuing working on the improvements we want to do on the boat, as there is still plenty tasks waiting for us to get her in the state we wish. Boat-work will be much more pleasant now though when afloat and just a small plunge away from the fauna rich lagoon.


Time For Launch

Numbo, New Caledonia, South Pacific, November 2020

Our “new” floating castle “Tourment d´Amour” has undergone a lot of work and repairs for most of 2020…


Now, after many months on dry dock, we are ready for the water!


Although there are still several projects left to do on the boat, it will be incredibly cozy to be cherished by the sizzling sea again.