Sailing along the West Coast of Italy

Messina, Sicily, Italy 29/9-2011


Sailing distance made: 5125 nautical miles

The last week we have been sailing along the west coast of Italy. From strong winds and thunderstorms to total calm sea and stunning sunsets. Our time out at sea has been truly beautiful and memoriable.

In the beginning we get strong winds in our sails and the GPS starts to count the nautical miles even faster and faster... Now we have a nice sailing speed! But during the day the heavy waves are damaging the zodiac and we search shelter in a bay close to Orbetello. Here we can repair our inflatible on the long sandy beach.

Thereafter our trip continues further south and we pass by nice islands which, with their dramatic landscapes, become outstanding film objects.

I truly enjoy my time out at sea. For me it is both relaxing as well as exiting in the same time! Here even the small things are inspiring me.., like the sunset which never is the same...

From heavy thunder storm warnings and strong winds it is always so fascinating to see how the sea suddenly become total calm without any waves left. The images below were taken on our last evening out at sea before entering the harbour in Messina, Sicily.

From strong winds and heavy waves all day we suddenly got a sea calm like a mirror. And when this beautiful evening become dark night the dolphins starts to play in the phosphoresence. So lovely! :)

We are now in Messina, at the east coast of Sicily, and will continue our voyage tomorow morning (30/9). Our plan is to head further east to Greece and its many nice islands. One more night with good sleep and we are ready to experience what the morning light is bringing us... :)


Elba, Italy

Fetovaia, Elba, Italy 18/9-2011


Sailing distance made: 4652 nautical miles

From Corse we were heading east to Elba, an island off the Italian west coast. Here we have now spent some lovely days in the cosy small bay of Fetovaia.

The main reason we came to this destination was to meet and visit the marine research institution, Hydra, which is located here since 1995.

When arriving the institution we got a lovely welcome. Also here they are working with under water filming and our many common interests gave us lots to talk about and experiences to share...

We also went out diving with the team, who all have been very kind and helpful during our stay here in Fetovaia.

The last days diving conditions have been outstanding. Calm sea, sun and clear blue water...

... perfect conditions for under water photographers... :)

With the camera always ready and lots of film objects around it feels like the time is running. There is so much to see and so much to immortalize...

In the same time I focus at my work and the camera is recording I wish I could stay here, underneath the waves, all day long instead of returning to the surface again soon ...

After a wonderful time here in Elba we are now continuing our sailing south, along the west coast of Italy.

With diving- and snorcel equipment in stand by and an eye always looking to the horizon we will soon experience what will be the next encounter... ;)




Girolata, Corse, France 13/9-2011


Sailing distance made: 4551 nautical miles

Wonderful nature experiences at the west coast of Corse...

When it comes to walking in mountains or diving in the Ocean I am always there with a great smile on my face. When arriving the beautiful landscape of Corse I immediately saw this was a perfect destination for me...

Early in the morning we start to see the dramatic landscape of Corse. The sun is slowly rising behind the dark mountains and the scenery is fantastic.

As soon as we arrive the small bay, Girolata, and the boat is safely anchored I am on my way to explore and experience the mountains and its great surroundings.

Up in the mountains the view is spectacular. The sun is lightening up the green island and the blue Ocean surrounding it is calm like a mirror. Up here I feel so happy and free and I almost get the feeling like flying.

I could easily spend all day long up in the mountains, but down there I know the big Ocean is waiting for me to make new exiting diving experiences...

After a hot and sunny walk in the mountains even a water temperature of 27°C feels really refreshing...

Under the surface the beauty of the mountains changes into new colours and shapes...

Back at the surface again the daylight is almost gone and the full moon starts to smile to me.

What a nice day, I am so happy there is so much to explore and experience both over as well under water!

Now we are sailing along the west coast of Italy so let see what will be the next breathtaking adventure... ;)