Sweet Salty Lagoon

South Lagoon, New Caledonia, South Pacific, December 2020

How sweet to finally be floating after months of work in the dusty boatyard. I'm pretty sure the boat is happy too as it has been years since last time she felt the ocean touch on the haul ;-)


It feels extra exciting now when we are able to test the boat in the water as this is our first time among the waves with her.

And yes, best place to test and get familiar with the boat and her various capabilities is out on the blue lagoon! 

Our first spot to explore by boat, in the southern lagoon of New Caledonia, is a marine reserve where the small island and its surrounding reef has been protected since 1989.

Always so good to see the positive effects marine protected areas have on the environment and its numerous inhabitants. 

When jumping into the salty, blue surrounding we are soon joined by several fearless green sea turtles, white tipped reef sharks and plenty species of fish in various sizes, shapes and colours. 

Feels both good and needed with some rest and pleasure time now, before continuing working on the improvements we want to do on the boat, as there is still plenty tasks waiting for us to get her in the state we wish. Boat-work will be much more pleasant now though when afloat and just a small plunge away from the fauna rich lagoon.