Happy New Year!!


Montreal, Canada 31/12-2015

Dear friends,

I´ve now just got back to the beautiful winter of the northern hemisphere, after some great weeks spent in Antarctica, as snorkel guide for Waterproof Expeditions, onboard Polar Pioneer.

More from our Antarctic adventure soon on my blog. But before that, I´m wishing you all a Wonderful and Happy New Year!! :-)

Spirit of.. and Christmas in.. Antarctica!


Montreal, Canada 3/12-15

My ohh my, time truly flies! It´s already December, but feels like 2015 just started...

Like earlier this year, I´m about to leave the beautiful winter of the northern hemisphere, to head south towards summer... to more snow, ice and marvellous sceneries...

Yes, it´s time for Antarctica with Waterproof Expeditions! :-) www.waterproof-expeditions.com

Good three weeks as snorkel guide in wonderland are waiting ahead :-)

All pictures in this blogpost are from the last two Antarctica-trips I had with Waterproof Expeditions in February-March 2015.

Again, the ship "Polar Pioneer" will be my home and base for new adventures...

No internet, nor phones... so I won´t be reachable for the next weeks ahead. Sorry for the inconvenience this might cause.

However, to be out on expedition far away where no one can reach you, is something everybody should experience and do. This is good for all of us I think, to simply and truly live here and now, close to nature.

Christmas 2015 will be spent among penguins and new friends :-)

Being able to share my love for nature and its stunning wildlife, is something that makes me very very happy. An adventure that not only offers spectacular experiences in the wild, but also provides a great opportunity to meet wonderful people and new friends.

The Antarctic season has just started. If you are interested in joining, there might still be some places available on some of the upcoming trips! :-)

In case you are more interested in the Arctic, I´ll be onboard the cozy ship M/V Malmö in Jan/Feb, where we will be experience the tremendous gathering of Orcas and Humpback whales in the fjords of northern Norway.
At the moment, there are still some few places available on our January trip starting the 17th, a great opportunity to an unforgettable excursion :-)

For more info. about Waterproof Expeditions, please have a look at: www.waterproof-expeditions.com  If you have any questions, please don´t hesitate contacting the office!
Most likely, I´ll be back in communication zone around New Year again, with fresh pics from this current expedition :-)

Until then, I´m wishing you all a wonderful and cozy Christmas!! Don´t forget to have a look on my official Facebook-page once in a while, where I will pre-scheduling a couple of posts for you being able to track our ongoing Antarctic voyage: www.facebook.com/Birgitta-Mueck

2 min Teaser for our new Film!

Orust, Sweden 10/11-15

Dear friends,

Here is a 2 min teaser with footage from our new production, "Life against all odds". This film is under production and will be ready for release in January 2016. So, only two months to go!!

"Life against all odds" is a co-operation between Crystal Water Film Production and Swedish National Television (SVT). The entire movie has a duration of 59 minutes.

Join us, Armin, Birgitta and Nanna Mueck, on an Ocean adventure in search for the life that once existed in the oceans...

Film festival premiere of this film will be at the "Swedish Wildlife Film Festival" the 29-31 of January: www.swff.se

Info. about the TV-premiere and an official trailer to be publicized a little later :-)

The Big Kiss unedited


When working on some editing lately, I once again came across the footage of "The Big Kiss", where a young Sperm whale decides to have a closer look on me. Such a wonderful experience needs to be shared many times!! So here it is, the raw footage of my very first big kiss ;-)

To read the full story behind this memorable encounter, check HERE.

Since this footage was taken, I´ve been experience many other close encounters with those majestic creatures. No more real kisses like this one though ;-) but still very close and curious meetings...

More about our last whale encounters and our new film production soon on the blog! Stay tuned :-)

Sperm whale kisses freediver!
The feeling of being kissed by a whale!! :)Unedited footage. A young curious Sperm whale decides to have a very close look on me! This exceptional encounter was filmed in the Atlantic waters off the Azorean coast, with special permit from the Regional Government of the Azores. Freediver: Birgitta Mueck © Crystal Water Film Production ABIncl. a bit of adrenaline ;) & deep respect for those amazing creatures <3
Posted by Birgitta Mueck on Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Join Whale Expedition in northern Norway!


I met my very first whale underwater when  I was 11 years old. This was in March 1995, in the cold waters of Norway, when I swam side by side with the wild friendly dolphin "Flipper", who stayed around the area of Stavanger fo many years.

Six months later, in October 1995, I met my first Orcas in Tysfjord in Northern Norway. I still remember the feeling when spotting my first killer whales. Those big, black, curious animals swam close to our boat, gently rising their heads up of the water having a short peak on us before continuing their hunt for herring. I was totally hooked!

Now, 20 years later, and uncounted whale encounters richer, I´m still as fond of those amazing creatures. Whether I snorkel with Orcas in Northern Norway, Bowhead whales in the Canadian Arctic, Sperm whales in the vast Atlantic Ocean or Fin whales in the blue Mediterranean Sea, I always feel a wish of being able to stop time and "freeze" those magic moments :-)

Do you also dream about swimming with whales?

In January 2016, I´ll be onboard MV "Malmö" as snorkel guide for Waterproof Expeditions, during their upcoming trips in northern Norway.

This is a great possibility to get close to both Humpback whales and Orcas! Would you be interested to join?

For more info. please check: www.waterproof-expeditions.com
or contact:

Roadtrip, sailing and kitesurf


Germany and Sweden, September 2015

The month of September started with a road trip to Germany.

First, we went to Eckernförde, were our film "Coral Gardens of Scandinavia" had been selected for screening at "Green Screen International Wildife Film Festival".

The stay at the filmfestival also included a shorter sailing trip in the Baltic sea, which was a very nice activity for the many film makers getting social while enjoying the fresh air and sea atmosphere :-)

Back at the Swedish west coast, the Autumn begins to show its beautiful presence. The cliffs and beaches which in Summer are crowded with people, are now totally empty. Mother Nature has got her peace back and I too truly enjoy this absolut silence.

Even though the water temperature is dropping rapidly, a jump in this refreshing environment is also very pleasing.

However, if not dressed in a dive suit, my stay in the water seems to get much shorter for each time... ;-)

The calm sea days develops into more windy conditions. Will it be enough wind for us to make our first kitesurf session in Scandinavian waters?

Fingers crossed followed by wind check and lots of waiting... and waiting...

Finally!! In last minute we get conditions good enough for Christian to make a ride!

Like diving, kitesurf looks "a bit" colder in Scandinavian waters than in tropical seas... ;-)

No kitesurf for me this time though, but in great hope the conditions will allow me to do so another day!

August Updates


Orust, Sweden, 27 August 2015

Time is flying and we are already in the end of the beautiful month of August. I haven´t been much on the internet during this summer which is the reason for quite a silent time on the my blog lately.

Our ongoing film project is in editing process and I will be back with more information about this production, which is a coopreation between Crystal Water Film Production and Swedish National Television. To give a little hint about the content, it includes both Scandinavian-, Azorean- and Mediterranean waters and what efforts there are made to protect our seas. More about it soon :-)

"Sharing my passion for wonderful planet Earth. Nature and wildlife, underwater and above. To inspirit life, raise awareness and inspire others..."

A couple of months ago, I finally made an official page on Facebook for sharing updates from both film- and photo projects, blog posts, ongoing expeditions as well as upcoming events etc. Check it out and follow if you like! :-)

You find the page HERE.

In case you missed it or want to read it again, here is a link to the interview Drysuitdive made with me earlier this summer:


I met Drysuitdive during Waterproof Expeditions Antarctica trip in March 2015. More about Waterproof Expeditions and our upcoming trips to be seen on the blog soon as well :-)

More from me in a bit when having more time in better communication-zone again! Until then there will be more time spent out in field, in both salty areas as well as more forested places.

The long Scandinavian summer evenings are now getting shorter and we start to be able spending time enjoying the stars without going to bed too late... ;-) 

Here is a pic from one of our many wonderful August evenings at the Swedish west coast, at the fresh water lake just after sunset :-)

Swedish West Coast Summer!


Orust Island, Sweden, 7th of July 2015

Some pics from my current time spent on the island Orust, at the Swedish west coast. This neck of the woods is where I am grown up...

I love being up with the sun and to start my day in the water. The rising sun is reflecting herself in the total quiet sea, the only movements on the water is made by myself when jumping into the salty surrounding. It is 5AM and no people are to be seen around...

Better conditions for sea kayaking is hard to find. Even though the day is filled with scheduled activities and work, I find time for some hours of paddling. Feeling so free and happy! :-)

Days like these are perfect for diving and we have lately been out for making some additional shots for our upcoming production.

I´m feeling grateful for being surrounded by 24 hours of beauty each day! If I could eat with my eyes, I would eat a lot... ;-)

This is the evening scenery seen some few meter from my door...

The scenery never looks the same, the beauty changes in many ways and colours, each day and evening has its new surprises.

This fresh water lake is a perfect place for a final swim before heading towards bed and dreamland...

I do admit that it is very hard finding the right time for sleeping when there are so much beauty in nature to admire all day and night long.

But still I need a lot of sleep for keep being the active creature I like continuing to be, so I finally say god night for finding some peaceful rest before it is time for another beautiful, charming day.