Happy "Midsommarafton" !!! :)


Chania, Crete, Greece, 22/6-2012

Midsummer Day in Chania, Crete...

Just to wish you all a wonderful Midsummer Day!!!("Midsommarafton" in Sweden today...)

After many hour in salty waves we enjoy our evening with a calm but ohh so cozy and funny "Midsommarafton"-celebration. Many laughs included... ;)

Here in the harbour of Chania we have two turtles (Caretta caretta) as next neighbours. It is always so nice to see their heads above the surface looking around before diving to the bottom again...

As normal the Mediterranean Sea is clear and blue and the water temperature is getting warmer and warmer...

However, considerably colder latitudes and waters are waiting ahead soon, very soon...

... :)


Amorgos - Folegandros - Milos - Crete


Chania, Crete, Greece, 13/6-2012


Sailing distance made: 8399 nautical miles

From the "Big Blue Island" -Amorgos, we continue our voyage...

... to Folegandros, a small island (about 32 square kilometres) with a totally calm and relaxed atmosphere.

There are almost no tourists here, we just meet some few hikers while walking up the hill to Chora, the "capital" of the island.

Chora is built on the edge of a 200-metre high cliff and from here you have a stunning view over the Mediterranean Sea.

The sailing continues further west to Milos island.

Here, at the east coast of the island, we anchor in a small bay with crystal clear water. Our zodiac need some maintance, when this is done it is just a "must" to give the under water world a visit... :)

One night in the small bay of Milos and we set sails again...

4 am and we are already on our way south...

About 80 nautical miles or 16 hours later, we arrive the old harbour of Chania in Crete. The old buildings are shining in the sunset light and the golden scenery gives us a picturesque welcome.

Surrounded by high mountains (up to 2456 m) and really deep waters (thousands of meters not too far from shore)... a mountain loving sea creature as me truly look forward to coming adventures... ;)