Barents Sea & Svalbard

Barents Sea & Kapp Lee, Svalbard, July 2022

Life at sea...

Surrounded by an endless horizon, we navigate into the infinite beauty, where further adventures await and new experiences are created.

  Arctic seabirds keep us company during our survey in the Barents Sea, where playful and feeding humpback whales are a pleasant display for our ever searching eyes for marine mammals.

After many weeks spent surveying in pelagic waters, the mountainous landscape of Svalbard is an exciting sight.



Whether out at sea or on land, a curious and observant eye is the key for spotting wildlife. Even the biggest creatures appear small in their vast environments. Do you spot the polar bear in the next pictures?


The walk of the polar bear leads to a beach, where a colony of walruses are enjoying the late evening sun.



The bear seems to be dreaming of walrus for dinner, but after a couple of shy hunt tries, it continues its long distance walk. 



Almost two months have past since the Barents Sea survey started in early June. August is already here with new ventures ahead.

Thanks so much to all my friends and colleagues at the Institute of Marine Research (IMR) for a great summer in the Arctic!