2,5 min, "Impressions from the Sea"


Rhodos, Greece, 20/4-2012

One month here in Rhodos and I almost feel like a local... ;)

From sunshine to heavy rain and 70 knots wind. I will never stop being amazed of the great power of our mother nature and how rapidly the weather can change... :)

It is a cozy atmosphere here in the harbour of Rhodos. I have the Medial Old Town as next neighbour, and I enjoy spending some time exploring the great history around me.

However, what attract me the most is still the ocean. The clear blue Mediterranean sea gives me great inspiration, and the never ending horizon feeds my hunger for new adventures...

There is something out there waiting for me... ;)

Almost 11 months have past since we left the west coast of Sweden. This means we have MANY hours of footage to review!

To check the footage from our sailing and the divings, does not make me less inspired of getting out at sea soon again... ;)

During my time looking through the material, I could not resist to edit some short sequences from our sailing- and diving adventure...

"Impressions from the Sea"

2,5 min, with some sailing shots and mixed underwater footage from the Azores, the Mediterranean and the Red sea... :)

Link to YouTube you also find HERE.


Save The Ocean!

Rhodos, Greece, 15/4-2012

Your help is needed!

The ocean is the largest space in our universe known to be inhabited by living organisms. So far, less than 10% of the ocean´s living space has been explored by humans. It is a place of both great beauty and wonders...

... but it needs our attention!

The ocean is suffering a lot from our human activities, but there are many things we all can do to help prevent damage to our seas.

Please, take 2 minutes and join me into the blue world, to the spectacular life hidden just inches beneath the waves...

In co-operation with The Perfect World.

To see the video on YouTube you also find the link HERE.

Join The Perfect World, the conscious network, today!
More info. you find at: www.theperfectworld.com


The Decorative Lionfish


Rhodos, Greece, 11/4-2012

Flashbacks from our dives in the Red sea...

Three months in Egypt, gave us excellent possibilities for great diving, and interesting encounters with many of the fantastic creatures living in the underwater world.

This time, I want to share some pics from my lionfish encounters...

The lionfish is not only a beautiful creature, often it is also very curious and prefer to come and have a close look at both diver and photo equipment...

This to my great enthusiasm! :)

Those curious, decorative fishes are not harmless though...

They are well known for their venomous fin rays and a sting from a lionfish is painful and constitutes a serious health emergency.

Look, but do not touch...
... an obvious respect we should show all wild animals not used to human contact.

During our stay in the Red sea, I got lots of "hotspots" where I gladly made a majority of dives. One of those "hotspots", a coral tower filled with lionfishes, became a given place to spend many hours...

A small area, with lots of marine life in relatively shallow water, easily results in many dives, long bottom time and quantity of footage and photographs!! ;)


Thalassa: Learn, Act, Protect


Rhodos, Greece, 3/4-2012


With clear blue waters surrounding me and the Medieval Old Town as next neighbour, I am now staying in Rhodos for some time.

Here, I spend my present time making research for new ideas... :)

The great mountains of Turkey are shown from distance and the water in the area always seems to have this special blue colour.

The greek waters with its many lovely islands are very popular and well known for most of us, but what do we actually know about what is hiding under the surface here?

A fact unknown to most of us is that there are 14 species of marine mammals observed in the Greek seas and 9 of them live here permanently.

For example, Greek waters is the most important area throughout the entire Mediterranean for the sperm whale (Physether macrocephalus), the biggest toothed whale living on earth.

Even the critically endangered Mediterranean monk seal (Monachus monachus), which is one of the rarest species on the planet, has half of its global population living in Greek seas.

The Greek seas offers a unique enviroment for survival of many rare species. But still today, many of them have declining populations and the threats are mainly direct or indirect human-related.

However, there are always something we all can do for making a difference...

Thalassa: Learn, Act, Protect

The European Union LIFE project “Thalassa: Learn, Act, Protect” is aiming to inform and involve people in the effort to conserve the marine biodiversity living in the seas.

For information about the marine mammals found in Greek waters, as well as the important work of "Thalassa" please visit ”Thalassapedia” their new educational site.

More information about the ”Thalassa” projects you also find at their website: www.thalassa-project.gr

The “Thalassa” project is an EU funded project and implemented by Mom (Monachus monachus) and WWF Greece (World Wide Fund for Nature).