Predicted & Unforeseen Adventures


Antarctic Peninsula, End of March 2020

After almost two months, mainly spent around the Antarctic Peninsula, it is time to say good bye to this remote wonderland for this season.

As always, it has been a pure pleasure to share so many beautiful moments in nature with likeminded people. New for this season, is that I have been part of the colourful kayak team which has been awesome.

Kayaking is indeed one of the best and peaceful ways to experience and explore the Antarctic beauty!

Due to the awkward situation we all currently experience in the world, we unfortunately had to cut short on this last Antarctic trip. This in hope to get all guests and staff back home before South America closes their borders. This seems to be easier said than done though.

Meanwhile different solutions of getting us back home as soon as possible are investigated, we thrive on the many wonderful memories we have got from our recent time in Antarctica. How amazing life is with its many, both predicted and unforeseen, adventures!

To all of you during this current unpredictable time, stay safe and keep the good spirits up! Remember that everyday needs its portion of craziness and smiles. Below a couple of pics of some of the several polar plunges I so much have been enjoying these past couple of months ;-)

Antarctic Peninsula


Antarctic Peninsula, February-March 2020

A brief update from the southern hemisphere, where the past 6 weeks have been spent around the beautiful and remote Antarctic Peninsula.

Together with the most wonderful expedition team, I am here guiding for Aurora Expeditions. We truly have had an amazing time these past weeks with curious wildlife encounters in scenic surroundings.

Each minute spent here is a pure privilege!

Now a short changeover in Ushuaia before we head out at sea again for a last visit to the Antarctic for this season. Time to sign off from this short internet visit for another 3 weeks at sea!