Laritza Forever in Our Hearts...



2002/03/02  -  2012/07/20

My wonderful border collie, Laritza, forever in our hearts and memories...

Laritza was a very social and friendly dog, who really appreciate being one in the film team.

This lovely dog always spread lots of positive energy to her entire surrounding and made a big impression in many hearts and minds.

I am truly thankful for all the happy time we have had together. 10 wonderful years filled with beautiful moments and a great co-operation between human and dog.

We had an amazing time together and Laritza truly had a huge and positive influence on my life...


Canadian Arctic


Igloolik, Canada, June/July 2012

From the clear blue water of the Mediterranean Sea, it is time to visit considerably colder latitudes.

With other words, the trip is going to Igloolik in the Canadian Arctic...

I am travelling with Loke Film a Danish film company producing natural history films for international market.

Here, in the Arctic field, our mission is to get under water footage of the possibly most long-lived mammal on the planet, the Bowhead whale.

The Bowhead whale is a big whale living in cold arctic waters, a whale difficult to study and therfore a mysterious animal science do not know much about.

Together with the inuits, scooters and sledges, we leave the town of Igloolik and with a great speed over the ice, we are heading out from the civilisation.

Finally, we reach our small camp, all surrounded by the arctic ice...

With our camp as base, we head even further out to the edge of the ice. From here we use boats for being able to start our search for the whales.

Loke Film is very experienced and have good knowledge about the Bowhead whales and know where to look for these giants. However, in nature nothing is for sure...

With a great co-operation between both film team and inuits, we find the whales, over water as well as benieth surface...

Even if I have been spending more than one year in warm waters, I truly feel like home when I enter the 0°C dark, cold water.

For sure it is cold spending time in this ice waters, but the sight of a huge bowhead whale coming towards me, easily make me forget the coldness surrounded... ;)

More information about Loke Film you find on their web site:

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