Time For Launch

Numbo, New Caledonia, South Pacific, November 2020

Our “new” floating castle “Tourment d´Amour” has undergone a lot of work and repairs for most of 2020…


Now, after many months on dry dock, we are ready for the water!


Although there are still several projects left to do on the boat, it will be incredibly cozy to be cherished by the sizzling sea again.


Wild Dolphins At Diver´s Island Kalymnos

Flashback to the sponge diver´s island, Kalymnos, in Greece one year ago, where we were filming wild dolphins coming to fish farms seeking food and company from the divers working at the aquaculture.

Thanks so much to our friend Mihalis at Diver´s Island scuba diving center for introducing us to his adorable dolphin friends! 

More from our various dives around Kalymnos is shown in our new documentary "How intelligent are dolphins -really" which is currently available on SVT-play, within Sweden, until 25th of February 2021.