Great South Lagoon

Great South Lagoon, New Caledonia, South Pacific, June 2021

Some pictures from our recent time on the blue, where we have been taking the opportunity to enjoy the total calmness to explore a bit more of the great south lagoon before the strong gales begin to line up!

Ilot Mato

Ilot Mato, New Caledonia, South Pacific, June 2021

We are exploring a bit of the southern lagoon of New Caledonia, where the uncharted reefs are many and the islets wild and picturesque.

Our first island stop in the area is Ilot Mato. Thanks to its many surrounding reefs, this island offers a well protected anchorage. 

Unlike most other islands in the lagoon, which mainly are flat, Ilot Mato has an elevation of 40 meters, a nice little climb from where the scenic view over the vast, blue the lagoon is a certainty.

This is the last island from where we still have internet signal, as we head further south we are soon out of reception zone. 

To get a visual update of the weather forecast, we will, from time to time, return to Ilot Mato's protected anchorage. 

Until next brief internet visit, it is time to sign off to explore more of the islands and reefs in this extensive and so alluring lagoon.