Leaving for Madagascar


Montreal, Quebec, Canada 13/11-2014

Once again, our suitcases are getting packed and within a day we will find ourselves surrounded by the beautiful cloud formations.

New adventures in remote areas await, which means that I probably will have poor internet opportunities the next two months ahead.

From Montreal, we will make the jump over the Atlantic, to soon thereafter head south to our new destination, Lavanono in South Madagaskar. New place - New adventures!!

But before leaving Canada, I want to share some photos from "The Gardens of Light" taken during our very cold but ohh so cozy visit in the Montréal Botanical Garden :-)

More on the blog when internet allows ..... :-) .....

Hiking in the Canadian forests :-)


Montreal, Quebec, Canada 5/11-2014

The month of October has truly been an amazing sight for the eye with rich and various colours on the trees...

The beautiful autumn colour doesn't last forever though, and soon we find the Canadian forests in a very different scenario. The days are quickly getting shorter and the temperature drops considerably...

However, this doesn´t prevent us to pack the backpacks and get out into the wilderness!

The grey November tones offers an incredibly beautiful sight as well, and the dark evenings make the camping life and the moments in front of the campfire even cozier :-)

Happiness is to be in the tent listening to the intensive rain while slowly falling asleep after a great day in the silence of nature...

... many hours thereafter, you wake up to the sight of a warming smiling sunshine and a new day filled with more adventures in the forest and its vast surroundings...

Quebec is Canada's largest province by area and is about three times the size of Sweden.

It is, in other words, quite a large area to explore... ;-)

Many thanks to Christian and Alain for great companionship in the wild! Shared joy is a double joy!! :-)