Soon on TV!


Our films, "Corals of the North Atlantic" and "Sharks of the North Atlantic", are soon going to be broadcasted at Swedish National Television!

The première will be at SVT2:
Tuesday the 3rd of January for the coral film...
... and Thursday the 5th of January for the shark film... :)

More broadcasting hours you find below...

Wish you all a great and happy 2012 filled with nice experiences and adventures!!!

And so I also hope our films will be a good start of the new year... ;)

"Corals of the North Atlantic" broadcasting hours:

3/1 07:00 pm
9/1 02:35 pm
10/1 (night to 11/1) 00:45 am

12/1 09:30 pm

SVT World:
4/1 05:00 am
9/1 02:25

"Sharks of the North Atlantic" broadcasting hours:


5/1 07:00 pm
6/1 12:05 pm
9/1 03:05
12/1 (night to 13/1) 00:50 am


13/1 09:30 pm

SVT World:
6/1 05:00 am
9/1 02:55 pm


Short trailers from the films you find below (via YouTube).

Trailer for "Corals of the North Atlantic" you find HERE.
Music by James Jones.

Trailer for "Sharks of the North Atlantic" you find HERE.
Music by Nainita Desai and Malcolm Laws.


Merry Christmas!

Dolphin House, El Gouna, Egypt, 23/12-2011


Sailing distance made: 6624 nautical miles

Not many hours left before it is Christmas Eve and I just want to send a Christmas greeting to all of you. We are now out at sea, at a horse shoe shaped coral reef, where we are spending some days for diving and filming...

When it is 25°C in the water, it is hard to believe that it is Christmas time. What is for sure, is that we will not get a white Christmas this year, but what we have is a lovely Christmas tree... A beautiful green Christmas tree surroundedy fishes! ;)

We have made nice dives in this area and there will be more. With other words, we will spend our Christmas under water... :)

Our last films (corals and sharks in cold waters) will soon (january) be broadcasted at the Swedish National Television. More information about this will be published here soon, but before that, we wish you all a lovely and happy Christmas! :)

Merry Christmas!!!


Suez Canal - Hurghada


El Gouna, Egypt, 18/12-2011


Sailing distance made: 6610 nautical miles

Now we are in the Red sea!!! :)

Last time I was writing, we were in Ismailia, in the middle of the Suez Canal, and from there we continued our trip through the canal further south to Suez...

In the Gulf of Suez we can turn off the engine and set sails. It is a magic feeling to be back in deep water again! :)

Typical for the northern part of the Red sea are the northerly winds, which are good for us who want to sail south... Good winds and a good speed makes the sailing to a real pleasure!

Some days later we arrive in El Gouna. Here is a lot of paper work to do and permits are waiting for us to be done, before we can start diving here in the Red sea...

After days with lots of paper work, we are finally ready to get under water...

... happy to have the permits done, we go for a nice snorceling dive at the reef close by... and it is so LOVELY to feel like being a part of the under water world again!!! :) :) :)

Now there is a nice time waiting ahead, filled with diving and filming... So it is time to get the diving gear ready and go diving! I can hardly wait... ;)


Rhodos - Suez Canal

Ismailia, Egypt, 10/12-2011


Sailing distance made: 6380 nautical miles

Now we are at the African side and in the middle of the Suez Canal. Our sailing over here, from Rhodos to Port Said in Egypt, has been very nice...

When all the paper work at the port police is done we leave Greece and Europe, and start heading south to warmer latitudes...

Partly, we have good wind in our sails, but the entire ocean remain totaly calm most of the time.

The long nights are filled with stars and also dolphins, which playfuly are swimming, as well as jumping, in the great phosphorescence all around the boat. Those dolphins are the moste social ones we have had in the Mediterranean so far and are truly a good company during the dark night hours.

When morning comes it is time for a new colorful scenario... and the ocean keeps calm and peaceful...

"A real sailor does not have to wait for wind"...

... well we have to... ... ...

... hmm.., in that case I think we better start learn sailing soon... ;)

We spend four days out at sea and finally we have our last pelagic sunset before entering Port Said...

Next morning the city of Port Said shows up at the horizon.

For passing through the Suez Canal there is a lot of paper work and formalities to be done. The boat is measured, the military is checking the boat, canal papers and visas are made, and so on...

Two nights in Port Said and we are finally ready to start our first leg, of two, through the almost 100 nautical miles long canal.

Early morning, at 5am, we leave Port Said and start heading south through the canal. When the day light is lightening up the surroundings, we already have made a good distance into the dry desert.

In the Suez Canal, all boats are required to have a pilot onboard, and for me this is a great opportunity to continue learn some more arabic... New countries, new languages... :)

The Suez Canal is well used by the cargo ships and we meet lots of them in huge convoys in both directions.

But as sailors we are quite alone. One small Ucraine sailing boat, with lots of adventurous stories from all around the world, is the only sailing vessel we have met during our time in the Suez Canal, so far...

Now we are in Ismailia, in the middle of the Suez Canal, and have one day trip left to come to Suez and then we are, finally, in the Red sea! :)