Where Sea & Mountains Meet

Norwegian Sea, July 2020

After our brief stop in Bergen, mid Norway, another couple of weeks are spent north of the Arctic Circle, out at sea, where the infinite horizon keeps being our loyal company.

Also here, where the sky touches the sea, each day offers different colours and scenery...

During this summer-long survey, we spend the majority of the time far out on the vast waterbody, where no land is to be seen. 

Endless horizons for weeks makes it feel exotic when seeing mountains appear in distance. It is the majestic Lofoten islands we pass by!

On our way south again, we get a glimpse of Nordkap and the most northern point of Norway, Knivskjellodden. Elusively covered by the fog, the surrounding ambience gives room for extra imagination.

After leaving the Arctic Ocean behind us, we continue the southbound journey to resume the field work that remains in the southern part of the Norwegian Sea...