Our new film on SVT-play

Orust, Swedish West Coast, End of August 2020

Our new film was recently broadcasted in Sweden, and I would like to express my gratefulness for the fantastic response we received in connection with the TV premiere!! It is incredibly pleasing to receive so many wonderful messages and comments! Thanks so much!!

Really great fun to be able to share our adventure and the many adorable wildlife encounters we experienced during this voyage! 

For now the documentary is only available in Sweden and can be seen on SVT-play until the 25th of February 2021. 

Link to the film on SVT-play πŸ¬πŸ’¦HEREπŸ’¦πŸ¬

Below is a small clip from the movie and one of our encounters with Atlantic spotted dolphins and Mahi Mahi (dolphin fish) in the deep, blue waters of the vast Atlantic __/)_  Music by James Jones.

TV-premiere!! ⛵️πŸŒŠπŸ¬πŸ’¦


TV-premiere on SVT1
Wednesday 19th of August
8PM (UTC+2)

"How intelligent are dolphins -really?" 
 a collaboration between
 Crystal Water Film Production & Swedish National Television
59 min ©2020

In this film, we, Armin, Birgitta and Nanna, bring you along on a sail- dive- and film expedition across the North Sea, to the North Atlantic and the Mediterranean. This time, our goal is to search for different dolphin species, and our dream is to experience more close and curious underwater encounters with these legendary animals.

However, the ocean is huge and the weather gods are not always as cooperative. Will we find dolphins in the Atlantic and Mediterranean that is as curious about us as we are about them? 

As always, we value to have plenty time on our hands when out at sea, especially as we are voyaging by sailboat and wish for minimal wind (!) to increase our chances of finding some of the many different kinds of extraordinary marine creatures that hide beneath the surface!

Let us bring you along on another "Mueck -family adventure"!


Norwegian Sea To Deep Fjords

Norwegian Sea - Coastal Norway, Beginning of August 2020

During this summer’s whale survey held by IMR (Institute of Marine Research), the rugged and cozy research vessel `ACC Mosby´ has been my home and workplace the past couple of months.

This year, the survey has been taking place in the vast Norwegian Sea. Great sea view from the "office" we surely have!

Most of the summer has been spent far out at sea, counting whales and other marine mammals, or bigger fish. A few days have also been spent in some of Norway's many fascinating fjords, which are home to the smallest cetacean species in Scandinavia, the harbour porpoise.

Meanwhile we count whale sightings, which mostly are quite brief, sea birds, such as fulmars and northern gannets among others, keep being our faithful and much appreciated company.

One might think that 2 months out at sea would feel very long. But when working together with a nice bunch of other nature- and wildlife interested people, doing something you are passionate about, time flies even faster than the many graceful birds above us ;-)

The whale survey has now found an end, and its getting time for us all to leave the “ship-bubble” we have been living in. 

As this summer has been spent out at sea, above water, I now cannot wait getting beneath the waves again!