Mbe Kouen

Mbe Kouen, New Caledonia, South Pacific, May 2021

Some pics from our recent stay at Mbe Kouen, a tiny, deserted islet in the southern part of the big new Caledonian lagoon.

The sandy beach of the islet grows at lowering tide, offering more space for pumping up the kite when the wind sings for some play.

As fun it is to be powered by the wind, my passion and curiosity for the marine life always brings me back beneath the waves…

Over the past 240 million years, coral reefs have evolved into one of the largest and most complex ecosystems on the planet. I feel so much awe and wonder when visiting these amazingly beautiful marine habitats.

The reef systems of New Caledonia are considered to be the second largest in the world after the Great Barrier Reef of Australia. 

This 1600km long New Caledonian barrier reef encloses the largest lagoon in the world, a lagoon of 24,000 square kilometres containing many tiny, deserted islets and coral reefs. 

A truly amazing place to be and so much to explore and admire.

From Rainforest To Island Life

New Caledonia, South Pacific, April-May 2021

From a short but sweet visit to the humid, evergreen rainforest, where the beautiful fern trees grow high and majestic…

… we soon find ourselves back on the water. After the lockdown, where no navigation nor island visits were allowed, followed by some time spent in the city of Noumea, to stock up on food and necessities for the boat, we are very pleased to freely be back on the vast, blue lagoon.

More wind is in the forecast and we finally get to gear up with kites and boards for some sweet riding powered by the wind. After a long break from kitesurfing, it surely is fun to be playing among the chops again.

As long as weather conditions allow, we like to spend plenty time at each place we go. Out here we are surrounded by the soundtrack we enjoy so much, the pure sound of wind, waves and seabirds.

Where the sky and ambient light paints the scen, no moment is the same. Even the view from the very same spot is ever-changing.

As winter is arriving in the southern hemisphere, days are getting shorter and colder. What is short and cold is relative though… ;-)