Drydock & Maintainance

Numbo, New Caledonia, South Pacific, End of November 2021

The beauty in grey is up on the dry for annual maintenance. Almost a year has past since we first put our new home in the water.

As it is our first year with this aluminum lady, we like to be cautious and make a good inspection of the haul in case of any electrolysis, which we prefer to find, as well as the source, in an early stage.

The haul, keel pit and center board thereafter get another layer of zink, we clean the diesel tank and make service on the engine. 

One month on the dry and we are ready to get back in the water, good timing as the lockdown, which started after New Caledonia’s covid outbreak in the beginning of September, finally is starting to find an end and nautical navigation just got allowed a week ago. 

Almost 3 months since we last could spend time on the lagoon, which now makes us more than eager to finally get salt in the beard again! ;-)