Lighthouse in Salty Waves


Chania, Crete, Greece, 11/11-2012

Rain... wind... waves...

... and it is cold ...

Cold?!... well, everything is relative... ;)

But slowly it is getting winter also here in the Mediterranean!

However, my opinion is that this grey weather is beautiful.

Just look at the clouds, the waves or the falling rain... it is not ”only” grey and wet, for me it is an exiting scenery! 

A scenery in constant change... :)

Also the old town of Chania remains a colourful place.

I have already been publishing many photographs of the light house of Chania but as a faithful neighbour this light house has become special for me.

Day or night and in all kind of weather this light house remains beautiful.

And a day like this, it looks even more majestic and powerful...

The wind is increasing and the waves are getting bigger... it is a perfect opportunity for photographing...

When I do not plan to go into the water the sea comes to me..., with other words there is a huge wave breaking over the pier offering both me and my camera a refreshing shower...!

Totally wet and salty I once again feel how much I love the ocean!!! :)


Mountain Hiking


Chania, Crete, Greece, 5/11-2012

Autumn in Chania... and the old harbour is becoming into a calm and very peaceful place...

Beyond the town, the massive mountains are offering a glorious view and the great silence is tremendous...

The wonderful surroundings make my smile growing bigger and bigger...

... yepp, the "mountain-goat" is climbing up the hill again...! ;)

This time, I go for the higher peaks and my hike follows small paths along the step slopes.

The Cretan mountains offer a majority of peaks above 2000 meters (up to 2456 meters).

I enjoy the feeling of climbing up the mountains and finally reach the level above the clouds.


The hike continues south...

... sweat and hot... but I truly love it!! :)

Many hours among mountains, peaks and stones and it is getting time to descend back to the vegetation.

I feel very happy to spend my time running and climbing in this impressive mountain surrounding, but even so I do start longing back to the cooling waves...

Time to head for the sea!

Finally, back at sea level again and it does not take many minutes before the mountain goat becomes into a fish... ;)

... sooo nice being in the water again!! :)

After a great day of hiking, it is pleasant for both feet and shoes to relax a bit...

Gently waves from the ocean... tired feet and legs... a comfortable warming evening sun...

... maybe now is the right time for a small nap... ;)