Happy New Year!!


Montreal, Canada 31/12-2015

Dear friends,

I´ve now just got back to the beautiful winter of the northern hemisphere, after some great weeks spent in Antarctica, as snorkel guide for Waterproof Expeditions, onboard Polar Pioneer.

More from our Antarctic adventure soon on my blog. But before that, I´m wishing you all a Wonderful and Happy New Year!! :-)

Spirit of.. and Christmas in.. Antarctica!


Montreal, Canada 3/12-15

My ohh my, time truly flies! It´s already December, but feels like 2015 just started...

Like earlier this year, I´m about to leave the beautiful winter of the northern hemisphere, to head south towards summer... to more snow, ice and marvellous sceneries...

Yes, it´s time for Antarctica with Waterproof Expeditions! :-) www.waterproof-expeditions.com

Good three weeks as snorkel guide in wonderland are waiting ahead :-)

All pictures in this blogpost are from the last two Antarctica-trips I had with Waterproof Expeditions in February-March 2015.

Again, the ship "Polar Pioneer" will be my home and base for new adventures...

No internet, nor phones... so I won´t be reachable for the next weeks ahead. Sorry for the inconvenience this might cause.

However, to be out on expedition far away where no one can reach you, is something everybody should experience and do. This is good for all of us I think, to simply and truly live here and now, close to nature.

Christmas 2015 will be spent among penguins and new friends :-)

Being able to share my love for nature and its stunning wildlife, is something that makes me very very happy. An adventure that not only offers spectacular experiences in the wild, but also provides a great opportunity to meet wonderful people and new friends.

The Antarctic season has just started. If you are interested in joining, there might still be some places available on some of the upcoming trips! :-)

In case you are more interested in the Arctic, I´ll be onboard the cozy ship M/V Malmö in Jan/Feb, where we will be experience the tremendous gathering of Orcas and Humpback whales in the fjords of northern Norway.
At the moment, there are still some few places available on our January trip starting the 17th, a great opportunity to an unforgettable excursion :-)

For more info. about Waterproof Expeditions, please have a look at: www.waterproof-expeditions.com  If you have any questions, please don´t hesitate contacting the office!
Most likely, I´ll be back in communication zone around New Year again, with fresh pics from this current expedition :-)

Until then, I´m wishing you all a wonderful and cozy Christmas!! Don´t forget to have a look on my official Facebook-page once in a while, where I will pre-scheduling a couple of posts for you being able to track our ongoing Antarctic voyage: www.facebook.com/Birgitta-Mueck