Beauty of the Mud


Gullmarsfjorden, Sweden 27/6-2016

Soft bottoms are the ocean’s largest benthic* habitat. Their habitats include environments where the seabed consists of fine grain sediments, mud and sand.

One might wonder, what there is to see on muddy bottoms...

Soft bottoms are filled with life. Inhabited by burrowing animals such as worms, snails and clams. There are also various, colourful anemones in different shapes, as well as fish, shrimps and crabs. A jungle of fascinating life for an observant eye...

These pictures are from our recent dive in Gullmarsfjorden, at the Swedish west coast.

Those spectacular marine creatures might look like flowers, but they are not. Like all other anemones and corals, both the  Sea Pen (above) and the Fireworks anemone (below) are animals :-)

The major threat to the fragile life on soft bottoms is commercial fishing with heavy bottom trawls. 

These trawls disturb the sediments, and damage or kill many non-target animals, as they are dragged along to catch fish that live on or near the bottom. It takes years before soft bottom habitats recover once a trawl has passed by.

Therefore these fascinating habitats need a much better protection then they have today...

*The benthic zone is the lowest level of a body of water.

Standing on water


Orust, Sweden 15/6-2016

Have you tried Stand Up Paddle boarding (SUP)?

It was during my stay in New Caledonia in the beginning of 2014, when I first tried this fun and meditative water activity. Even though, I at first was a bit sceptical on how fun it really would be to simply stand on a board, I truly got hooked already after my first try! This resulted in me spending many hours paddling the mangrove and lagoon during most of my days spent on this beautiful South Pacific island.

Almost one year later,  I was back on a SUP again. This time in Lavanono, in Southern Madagascar, where I also got to try some small surf waves with the board... Something I would like to practice a bit more next time location and condition allows :-)

After these two intense paddle board periods, I have been playing with the thought of having a SUP to cruise around in Scandinavian waters...

So, in June 2016, I´m now finally back paddling a board again! This time back home at the Swedish west coast :-)

Or... am I really standing up..?

Ahh, what ever! ;-) Let me introduce you to my new adventure friend "The White Dolphin", who is a Touring SUP designed for fitness paddling, flatwater cruising and open ocean touring :-)

Stand up paddle boarding is a great way to enjoy the water from above. It gives the same relaxed and meditative feeling as kayaking, but instead of sitting down, you are standing up!

No engine nor pollution needed, only balance and some muscles... ;-)

Wether you are on flat water, in waves or chops, it´s easy to have fun on a SUP! Neither do you have to stand up or surf, a stand up paddle board offers lots of fun both for playing as well as more relaxed activities :-)

Maybe SUP yoga would be something to try?

SUP is becoming very popular, and I truly understand why. It is a fun and easy  way to enjoy the water, nature, spend time with friends, exercise and to improve the balance. An activity I highly would recommend to all who wants to try!

Fresh air and smile guarantee included ;-)

In case I might be hard to reach, or no where to be found, you know why... We are out on adventure somewhere on the fjord, "The White Dolphin" and I! :-)