Inspire Your Curiosity!

Consolação, Portugal 30/5-20/6-2017

So fortunate we are to live on a planet which is such a wondrous place with all its stunning nature landscapes and fascinating life!

This great variety makes travelling captivating and feeds a curious mind with even more curiosity and awe :-)

Wether they are close or remote, there are countless inspiring places to visit and explore.

This, however, can make it difficult to choose wich place to go! To either see more of nearby areas, or to investigate more distant places..?

Trying to limit the actual travel time to the new destination, we chose to do our next travel within Europe. This still left us with the choice of either salty coastline or inland mountains...

As the Ocean strongly calls for us both, we finally chose saltwater, and decided to explore a bit more of the Portuguese coast.

-Hello again beloved and refreshing Atlantic! :-)

The photos in this post are all a random choice from our stay in Portugal. The next pics below are from "Lagoa de Óbidos" which is where we spent the windy days kitesurfing :-)

Our Portuguese adventure was spent along the coast from our base in Consolação (ca 100km north of Lisbon) and further north.

Besides the more touristic places, the natural coast here offers long vast beaches and very interesting, fossil-filled cliff and rock formations.

The many tidal pools inhabited by all kinds of small marine life obviously also became among our top favourites :-)

Mother Nature with her great power, fascinating life and interesting evolution. So much there is to adore on planet Earth!

Be curious and respectful, open your mind and eyes to the immense beauty surrounded :-)

As fun and exciting it is to travel, it can at times also be tiring...

But when, through the airplane window, observing the colourful long-lasting sunset, I soon start to fantasize about the diverse life and many sceneries the sun soon will light up on the other side.

A thought inspiring my curiousity for further adventures and horizons!

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