Back to boat, wreck and Atlantic dives :)


Sao Miguel, Azores, Portugal 23/6-2014

At the end of September last year, we left our sailing boat in the Azores. The 10th of June, almost 9 months later, it was finally time to finally fly back to our "floating castle" again... :-)

Once on the island of Sao Miguel, we see the boat lying so peacefully in the little harbour of Vila Franca. Such a lovely sight to see her again! And yes, I think she got really happy to see us too! ;-)

Before being able to board the sailing boat we need to pump the zodiac...

With the zodiac ready in the water it doesn´t take long until we are back on board on our "floating castle" again. What a wonderful feeling to be back!!

The boat seems to be in good shape and we are very happy to find her without any bad surprises.

We spend some days in Vila Franca to make some major maintance on the boat, thereafter we head a bit further west to Ponta Delgada. Here we collect our diving equipment which have been stored at our friends place during the winter.

And so it gets time to check the diving gear...

Splash!!.. and we are back underwater again... :-)

We early got to know that there are many jelly fishes around in the waters this year... Indeed, we meet plenty of them...


We also dive on Dori, a wreck located just east of Ponta Delgada. This wreck lies on a sandy bottom and offers protection for a great variety of fish and other small marine animals.

At the moment we have 17-18 °C in the water which is colder than normally in the Azores during this time of year. But regardless, it is great being back diving in the Atlantic again!

Back in the Azores!


 Sao Miguel, Azores, Portugal 10/6-2014

We just made a little "flying jump" over to the Mid-Atlantic Ridge... In other words, we are back in the beautiful Azores!

It feels so cozy to be back in our "floating castle" again. As the sailboat has been in the Azores over winter, we have now lots of boat work to do to get her ready for new film adventures...

I guess it´s not very difficult to figure out who is playfully happy to be back in the Atlantic waves again... :-)

More from me and the Azores soon...

Diving the Gullmar Fjord


 Gullmarn, Sweden 1/6-2014

During the last weeks, we have been diving and filming in the Gullmar Fjord at the Swedish west coast.

In this blogpost you find some pics from our last dives in "Gullmarn".

Guess who is happy when it´s time to get in the water! ;-)

The Gullmar Fjord is the only "real" fjord in Sweden, or to explain it better, it is the only threshold fjord found here.

A threshold fjord is a fjord that is shallower at the mouth (the opening toward the sea) and with deeper water inside of the fjord, which creates great conditions for a peculiar marine environment.

The Swedish official name of the Gullmar Fjord is "Gullmarn", a name derived from Old Norse and means God's ocean. 

This is a fjord with great diversity of marine species and there is much to see in both shallow and deeper waters.

Gullmarn is 25 kilometer long, 1-3 kilometer wide and has a maximum depth of ca 120 meters. The average depth of the threshold is about 20-40 meters.

I really enjoy diving here in Gullmarn which contains a varied and diverse marine environment and is a home and reproduction area for both fish and shellfish.

For the last few weeks, we have had poor visibility in the water but this doesn´t stop me finding many curious fish friends.

The water is slowly getting warmer in the fjord which results in more fish activity in the water as well :-)

Imagine what a wonderful marine environment there is along our Swedish coast

I always find it so exciting to put my drysuit on and then slowly slip into the water, you never know who or what you is awaiting you down there in the darkness... 

More drysuit dives are waiting ahead and thereafter it is soon wetsuit time again :-)