2 min Teaser for our new Film!

Orust, Sweden 10/11-15

Dear friends,

Here is a 2 min teaser with footage from our new production, "Life against all odds". This film is under production and will be ready for release in January 2016. So, only two months to go!!

"Life against all odds" is a co-operation between Crystal Water Film Production and Swedish National Television (SVT). The entire movie has a duration of 59 minutes.

Join us, Armin, Birgitta and Nanna Mueck, on an Ocean adventure in search for the life that once existed in the oceans...

Film festival premiere of this film will be at the "Swedish Wildlife Film Festival" the 29-31 of January: www.swff.se

Info. about the TV-premiere and an official trailer to be publicized a little later :-)

The Big Kiss unedited


When working on some editing lately, I once again came across the footage of "The Big Kiss", where a young Sperm whale decides to have a closer look on me. Such a wonderful experience needs to be shared many times!! So here it is, the raw footage of my very first big kiss ;-)

To read the full story behind this memorable encounter, check HERE.

Since this footage was taken, I´ve been experience many other close encounters with those majestic creatures. No more real kisses like this one though ;-) but still very close and curious meetings...

More about our last whale encounters and our new film production soon on the blog! Stay tuned :-)

Sperm whale kisses freediver!
The feeling of being kissed by a whale!! :)Unedited footage. A young curious Sperm whale decides to have a very close look on me! This exceptional encounter was filmed in the Atlantic waters off the Azorean coast, with special permit from the Regional Government of the Azores. Freediver: Birgitta Mueck © Crystal Water Film Production ABIncl. a bit of adrenaline ;) & deep respect for those amazing creatures <3
Posted by Birgitta Mueck on Wednesday, October 21, 2015