Join Whale Expedition in northern Norway!


I met my very first whale underwater when  I was 11 years old. This was in March 1995, in the cold waters of Norway, when I swam side by side with the wild friendly dolphin "Flipper", who stayed around the area of Stavanger fo many years.

Six months later, in October 1995, I met my first Orcas in Tysfjord in Northern Norway. I still remember the feeling when spotting my first killer whales. Those big, black, curious animals swam close to our boat, gently rising their heads up of the water having a short peak on us before continuing their hunt for herring. I was totally hooked!

Now, 20 years later, and uncounted whale encounters richer, I´m still as fond of those amazing creatures. Whether I snorkel with Orcas in Northern Norway, Bowhead whales in the Canadian Arctic, Sperm whales in the vast Atlantic Ocean or Fin whales in the blue Mediterranean Sea, I always feel a wish of being able to stop time and "freeze" those magic moments :-)

Do you also dream about swimming with whales?

In January 2016, I´ll be onboard MV "Malmö" as snorkel guide for Waterproof Expeditions, during their upcoming trips in northern Norway.

This is a great possibility to get close to both Humpback whales and Orcas! Would you be interested to join?

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