The Infinity of the White Mountains


There is something special with the great winter landscape of the nationalpark in Børgefjell. Here you have high mountains and wide open spaces. But the dramatic lanscape turns even more fascinating when the white snow cover the great hights and frozen lakes.

Børgefjells Nasjonalpark is a nationalpark located in Norway. This nationalpark offers a magnificent world of mountains and wilderness.

The soft white snow transform the wild area into a fabulous landscape. And the wide open spaces gives me the feeling of an endless, unforgettable paradise...

You find more photographs from Børgefjell at Team Expeditions website.

The Show of the Black Grouse

It is a cold night in april and I am hiding myself in a camouflage somewhere in the Scandinavian wilderness. Despite the darkness of the night the full moon is shining up the quiet, frozen lanscape.

The reason why I am here, all by my own, is that I want to experience the extraordinary dance of the black grouse. For many hours I am waiting in the silence...
... finally these beautiful birds start to show up. And while the morning sun slowly rises behind the mountains they continue thier energic show with great power and elegance...