From Mangove To Lagoon & Barrier Reef

New Caledonia, South Pacific, Dec-Jan 2021-2022

Southern hemisphere’s summer means cyclone season here in New Caledonia. “Ruby”, our first cyclone of the season, gives us a brief visit during the second week of December. When cyclones are knocking on the door, the mangrove is our hiding place, here we feel both cozy and safe while the depression passes by with plenty wind and rain.

When the storm has passed, the blue lagoon calls us back. Powered by the trade winds, we explore new islands where we haven’t been before. The recent heavy rain causes poor visibility underwater, but conditions above the surface are favourable for wind powered activities. 

New Caledonia is normally a quite windy place with more or less constant trade winds from the south-east. This makes it feel extra special when we get treated with some windless days for Christmas. 

Pure magic it certainly is when conditions allow us spending both days and nights at the barrier reef. A piece of paradise at its best! 

Out here, at the reef, the water is clear and blue, and oh so inviting!

Such a beautiful and magic way to end the year! 💙💦

As more turbulent weather is in the forecast we head back to nearby islands in the lagoon to seek shelter for a more windy start of 2022.  

From here I´m wishing you all a wonderful new year! Be happy, spread smiles and keep feeding the curious and playful spirit of yours!