Scandinavian Wildlife Film Festival 2016


Film Festival Premiere
for our new movie
"Life against all odds"

Our film "Life against all odds" is selected 
as opening film during
"Scandinavian Wildlife Film Festival 2016"
Hunnebostrand, 29-31 January

For more information about the festival (in swedish):

(Ps. The film will be shown with Swedish narration.)

Life against all odds
2 min teaser for our new film "Life against all odds" :DThis production is currently in final editing mode and will be ready for release in January 2016.Please share if you want :)
Posted by Birgitta Mueck on Friday, November 13, 2015

Dream-like Antarctica


Antarctic Peninsula, Antarctica 8-28/12-2015

Here we go!! A blogpost loaded with new, fresh pics from our recent Antarctic adventure with Waterproof Expeditions :-)

Only to reach the start point, from where the voyage to Antarctica really begins, is an adventure in itself. Almost three days of flying is needed until I finally reach Puerto Williams, the most southern village in the world. 

To get to this Chilean little fishing village, I've flown over bigger parts of Chile and lucky me have had window place most of the time. Watching the mountains from above feeds my hunger to one day home those massive mountains... :-)

When arriving Puerto Williams, I soon find myself onboard Polar Pioneer. I'm back home on the ships where I spent three intense and wonderful weeks last February/March. 

Like last time, I´m here to spend good three weeks onboard the ship as Antarctic snorkel guide for Waterproof Expeditions.

Well aboard Polar Pioneer, it doesn´t take long before we head out at sea, starting our crossing of the Drake Passage.

The travellers onboard Polar Pioneer this time, consists of 22 wonderful Russian crew, 12 fantastic staff from Aurora Expeditions (which is the cruise company operating the ship), me from Waterproof Expeditions, and of course 50 lovely adventurous guests! 
(The numbers onboard might vary a tiny bit between each trip.)

 After two rolling days at sea, we finally arrive the region of the Antarctic Peninsula, were we get welcomed by plenty snow, ice and penguins...

The following photos in this blogpost are all in random order, taken during our three weeks spent in Antarctica between the 8-28 of December 2015 :-) 

 Travelling to Antarctica together with Waterproof Expeditions and Aurora Expeditions does not only mean being surrounded by breathtaking nature experiences 24 hours a day. Onboard the ship you get to know truly wonderful people and so many new smiling friends!

When the trip continues further south, more ice shows up...

Happy snorkelers enjoying the fresh Antarctic water! Dressed in proper undergarment and a drysuit, we can spend plenty time discovering the world of Antarctica, even underneath the surface.

A sleeping Leopard seal on a smaller iceberg is a great opportunity for the photographers onboard. A wonderful wildlife experience also for the kayak team and zodiac cruisers :-)

The weather do vary a lot in Antarctica. This time we were very lucky and had many wonderful days of strong sunshine and no wind. When seeing the great white mountains reflecting in the water, it feels more like being in a dream rather than in reality. I´m sure most of us do pinch ourselves many times to check if this really can be true...

And yes it is!! We are in a dream-like Antarctica, for real!

When the white continent shows up in warm midsummer sun, we find this a perfect opportunity for some iceberg modelling! ;-)

A perfect day also for a Polar Plunge :-)!

The scenery and wildlife surrounding us continue to amaze...

The super sweet Adélie penguin...

The charming Chinstrap penguin...

A penguin highway and nesting Gentoo penguins with Polar Pioneer in the background...

The graceful Gentoo penguin...

Young Elephant seals resting on the beach at Elephant Point...

Great scenery and colour variations...

Summer means barbeque also onboard Polar Pioneer! :-)

Time truly flies when having an awesome adventure in great company! Many warm thanks my friends, for a stunning time spent together with you all in Wonderland!

From the icy waters of Antarctica, I´m now getting prepared for more cold water adventures with Waterproof Expeditions. It´s time to get back to my gigantic and so beloved friends... It´s time to say hello to the Orcas and the Humpback whales of northern Norway! :-)

Interested in joining to Antarctica, Norway or some other destination?

Maybe join me to Galapgagos in March 2016..? :-)

For any questions or more info., please don´t hesitate contacting the office:
or visit:

Hope to see you soon!! :-)